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Maximizing Productivity?...A Little Bit of Background

Temporary Work Force: Maximizing Productivity

Little Bit of Background

Before January 2007, I have never seen before using labor work force on a temporary hiring basis. Very soon it was not difficult to understand the subject as I started just like one. Anyhow, I strongly believe you have to be inside, act and work like one of them to really understand what it means.

When learning about co-employment issues, I read a lot of content of great writers describing "almost anything" about temporary assigned workers, here so called TEMPS. But writing from the beach, describing a boat that is floating far, far away it doesn't mean good sense. That is the reason I decided to go over with my blog. To provide reasonable information that others find it of good use to maximize productivity of temporary work force as I did when I jump the ladder.


Usually, once they introduce you or “on-boarding” you the first day into the manufacturing facility setting as a temporary assigned worker, you hear a lot of being careful of no mix yourself in co-employment's job related issues.

The truth is companies are over protected about co-employment situations that nothing should happen to their finances. I found out that they worry too much. I would say, excessively. So much that they lack knowledge or understanding about "what the temporary employee's goal is? Why they are there? What their expectations are?

Short Understanding On The Other End

The lack of understanding is that the majority of temporary assigned workers go only for the cash that is about soon to come next week to pay the bills. The other end it doesn’t understand this. There are a lot of people that already come with that financial pressure as a crown to their head. That is the sole reason they come for this type of jobs.

A Few Come With A Goal In Mind

Before my decision to become a TEMP, I went to another job interview. After two long hours of many questions and answers trying to hit that managerial amazing opportunity, I was rejected because I was short of one only specific ability I did not had at the time: "How to repairs Laptops."

Having said that, after the usual thank you for the interview and when I close that door behind me, I was wondering where and how soon I will learn that. A new immediate goal came to my mind: "I need to learn that stuff."

That is the reason I accepted a TEMP job. I was anxious to swallow such knowledge. And I was ready to do what it takes to get it. So, I joined a manufacturing facility by mean of a subcontractor...But with a little difference...

I had a clear focus of what I wanted. Focus on learning something new that it will push me one step up the ladder of my personal career. To my goal, I gave a time frame as well: 3 months will be good enough. So, I started...

Long Hours Journey

The long hours journey it really wasn't a big deal because you get paid accordingly. You are forced to use heavy weight composite shoes. The first 2 to 3 days your feet hurt badly. Long standing hours attached to a simple position doing the same thing over and sucks.

But I still had my goal awaiting. Once you get used to it, things change a little. You have learned that the best solution to make it easy is to keep yourself extremely busy all day long. That means being productive. Do your job. That's your call.

Another goal immediately developed attached to the first one. You finish so exhausted that you don't want to do anything else after you end your journey...but rest the time left.

So, you realize that your expenses are minimum and your savings...grow, grow and, grow. Little by little, day by day. Then, I found myself adding another very satisfying extra-goal: Increasing income to my expectations to learn what I was thirsty off.

So, not every temporary assigned worker or TEMP is the same...

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