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7 Steps To Succeed Within The Manufacturing Environment

Temporary Work Force: Maximizing Productivity

7 Steps To Succeed Within The Manufacturing Environment

--->>> Your attitude is the most important aspect of these 7 steps

1. - Attendance

It is very important to keep your punctuality. Good attendance mean coming in on time all the time. One day you show up late that cause a mess on the daily planning of activities. Understand that your manager needs you there ahead of time. Before the work starts he needs to know the precise number of headcount (meaning your both hands, your brains) at hand to schedule his daily objectives in relation to production lines.

Let’s think on a game situation. Just imaging that you’re the manager of the manufacturing facility. Your job is to produce so many computers per day. You come late or you do not show up at all…What do you think the problem is? The production goal will not be accomplished. Means a few unsatisfied customers which will not receive a product they are expecting on time. I hope these will clearly let you understand how important is for you to keep punctuality on the top of your pillow.

One idea I used to give on every “on-boarding” process to all temporary assigned workers and it works so well that I kept repeating it 5 times during preliminary training and emphasized just before they hit the floor is: Plan ahead the time you need to get to your working place. Steal just 15 minutes to your bed time. Use these 15 minutes in advance for any delay you may have in the morning hours. You will always arrive on time no matter what. After feedback received, I learned that it worked perfectly.

If you are not to show up it is wiser to request time-off in advance. Unless by a major need, never miss one day or come late, neither leaves early. If you would like to maintain a respectable image as a temporary assigned worker or as an employee…Keep your attendance perfect!

2. - Safety

After your attendance is getting extremely good or improved the managers expect from you to take care of safety at all time. That mean to not having any accidents at all. They show you all the preventive actions to be taken to avoid falling into a situation that will cause an accident to you or any other of the co-workers. Do your best to pay attention to any risky situation that will compromise your safety. There are rules to pursue. Keep them on your mind. Do not act like a robot. Use your senses avoiding getting hurt. Use gloves if required. Safety glasses at all time. Composite shoes if required.

Any tool you use has specific requirements to being use. Follow the rules precisely. Don’t act as a “macho man” thinking that you can still do the job without all that stuff. It is completely a different situation if you do it one or twice or if you keep doing repeatedly all day long.

Then is when you have to be more concentrated on what you do. Any loss of concentration could mean a costly cut on one finger, one hand, an elbow or a leg. What do you think it will happen there after? You have to go the nurse station for somebody to take care of your lack of brains for not following safety procedures that you were previously told during the training.

Do you need more explanation to the problem you just gave to the manager? Here it is: You are one headcount less on the production line. Somebody else have to take care of the job that you are not doing it at that moment. That causes a lot of delay or reduced the flow of productivity along the line and consequently…less production as expected along the day. Just because you never thought about it!

Hmm!…A temporary assigned worker wasting people’s time. Not body wants a non-brainier like you back on the line. You just provided a terrible image and, guess what is going to happen? They will probably move you to a place that it is probably unimportant on the production line, that your chances to learn or doing something else more important (to show what you are made off) reduce your chances to rediscover your talents and aptitudes for the job. You are ready to be left behind. The rule of fire: Be safe and think safety all the time!

3. - Quality

A quality hit! What a noise and terrible expression. Imagine that you just order a product on the company’s website on the Internet. We estimated that 7.5 hours later the product you ordered will be shipped out from the manufacturing facility. Then 24 hours later is at your door. You receive that pretty nice box that took a good amount of time and effort to let it go all the way into your home.

Now, you get a knife and tear it down. Take your product out. Connect electricity. Push the button and the…Blank! Hell…Ah! Then you get mad, stressed and the first thing you will do is to call the company and tell them “your stuff does not work.” Then, chances are they could find a technician to give support but if he can’t do anything because a part is missing the customer decision is to send it back to the seller.

That product comes back to the same place of delivery and the shames get everywhere. You know something? It can be traced up to you! Somebody can easily come to you and tell you how costly your mistake was. Are you going to pay for it? Chances are that no. But the most serious problem does not ends there. Your mistake is more costly than you think.

The rule is, any unsatisfied customer usually tell the problem to 3 or 5 other potential customers who will refrain to buy a product from the same company. I hope that by now you will understand why is important to be concentrated on what you are doing. Quality mistakes are the most costly of all.

In case your parents never teach you these, I will. If you work for somebody, work by giving the best of yourself no matter what. Keep your reputation and responsibility to your highest. Remember that you are also paid to do your job. Keep your quality within the job at 100% all the time. It will surely be recognized in many ways. Trust me, it will!

4. - Flexibility

Now, by the time they start to move you around to do other stuff it means that your attendance is good. You work thinking safety at all times. Your productivity quality is pretty good. Then they are looking at you as somebody with great potential. Like a star in the sky you started to shine! That is a good signal of improvement if they call you to do something else in any other position. That means flexibility... to accept it right away. This is a very good signal of recognition of a job well done any place they move you.

Now is the time to proudly start re-evaluating yourself as a very reliable temporary assigned worker. You are becoming professional on what you do. The manager learned that you are getting better every day and they trust on you that they are going to move you to the place where “that other guy that had an accident is empty.”

Now you will be doing the job of two as one. It is a very challenging situation that you are to face. Take it proudly without any complain. At that moment you are really helping the manager and he will always remember your value.

Those are situations when they price you. They provide recognitions. Sometime recognition is monetary. Other time is just a paper. Both are extremely important. Money, because it will help you to increase your weekly payout. Papers, because you may use them to jump one more step into your future standing or get promoted within the same company.

Never complain when they ask you to do something else. Even if that means more work than you are use to do, keep your mind positive and recognize those opportunities as beneficial to your growth. Flexibility is to do well at any place you are assigned, do what it takes to help your manager keep productivity ongoing is another step to great accomplishment!

5. - Focus and, learn quickly

You have gone a long way by now. Your attendance is great. Your quality is amazing. They move you allover the building to do more tasks, great flexibilty. You have positively accepted all those changes in a way to become flexible. By now, you are becoming a valuable asset for the company and a great support for your manager. Now, he trusts on you! That’s great!

Another important thing to consider. Be on focus and learn quickly. Everything you are thought or trained to do, be more concentrated on the small things required to accomplish your task. You must remember you are not alone and that you are just an element of a great group within the line who are doing something that whether will benefit or effects other along the way.

But in any way do not forget that what ever you are to do will impact the guy who pays your salary: the customer who put the order on the Internet. Always keep on mind that guy. He is the one who really sign your paycheck every week.

When you are thought to do something, pay fully attention to all small details. Don’t forget to ask questions, thousands of questions. Act like a kinder garden kid on the first day at school. Questions are very important to clarify all your doubts.

The more questions you ask it will help you to understand what you are going to do and how your activity fits within the end results, the manager goals and expectations to accomplish that day. You must be ready to changes along the day as well. Maybe for one hour you will be working doing something. Next hour you are move to another. Maybe later you return to the same. In any way, keep your focus illuminated.

To learn quickly also see what other close to you are doing. Approach them with questions too. They are there to work with you probably the whole day. Be polite, friendly and open. They probably are bored already on doing the same things over and over.

Sometime they do not have the same goals you bring in. Your expectations to perform do have a goal. So, do not let the attitude of other negatively affects you. On the other hand, encourage them to do good as you are thinking and, explain them “you are just part of an assembling line and your inputs may effects other negatively or positively”, all depends on your today’s mood. Concentrate your self, focus and learn quickly. There is a reward ahead of you and you will not allow any one to step on your way to loss it.

6. - Become a Builder

Long way, isn’t. You reached great attendance. You are working with pretty good safety rules. Your quality is fantastic. You accepted all those crazy changes of positioning with great flexibility. You have learned a lot and kept your focus on the horizon.

Now when you have gone over all these steps your income reward is getting closer to your goal: Improved salary. Yes! That is what happens when you have done things well everyday on your participation within the whole system of doing things within the factory. Your great effort is paying back, premiums are coming. Now, you are asked to become a builder.

Wow! That’s a great deal indeed. You know why? They recognized your shinning star. You are to enter into new specialized training that will put you into another step toward your final monetary goal. Usually, people who are involved on specialized and comprehensive tasks get better payout per hour.

The reason is that you are accomplishing an integrative process from all the peaces that you previously added along the line you worked before: the final product. Yes! The one that goes to the guy who pay your check: the final customer. The one only reason you are there working for. The most important thing of your job end that you can imagine.

Now you will understand that everything you did before fits into the final picture. Now you are getting all the peaces together and developing your whole movie. In the theater of life, is the customer who will be seated in the front seat of your movie-product and connect it to the electrical energy. Clicking the start button to see your end results than hopefully…turns on perfectly. It turned on? Yes! He is happy with all your work. Indirectly he has given you a great thank you and you did not listened. Who cares, you did a great job and that is what it count.

Guess what is coming next? Eventually, the whole group is thinking like you did. Producing outstanding results because you gave a great example on how to do things correctly and the guy which pay your check is very happy. So happy that even he comes back to the company’s website he bought the product from and leaves something that managers are very happy to read: Positive comments on the product functioning.

Now the thing is different. What happens next? For every positive comment, there are 7 to 10 customers who are going to read it. 7 of 10 times a new order are coming back to the manufacturing facility and basically, what this tells is “that you guys are doing a great job.”

Rewards are also coming along the way. Trust me, you are going to hear about it in front of the whole group and you are going to get it. It may come to you alone or to the whole group. On monetary or on paper…remember this. No matter, the important thing is that the reward is an effect of your great work. If you are asked to become a builder in the whole processing, don’t think it twice to say yes.

7. - Attitude

Uff! You have almost finished. Great attendance to the factory. Very good safety procedures. You have reached a great quality. Your good flexibility is widely known. Improved focus and learned quickly. You have turned into a perfect builder machine. What you are to do with all these details? Well, that’s depends on you alone. Remember you are different that the rest because you came in to work with a goal in mine isn’t?

But there is something else you will need in order that everything you do keep producing the same results over and over and on a daily basis. And that is something that may be the first or the last and all depends on you. Your personality determines something highly required within the manufacturing facility. A great attitude! Without a great attitude on a daily basis nothing can be done with perfection. No customer will be satisfied.

Remember this: Your attitude starts since you wake up from your bed every morning. Remember those 15 minutes to steal I previously mentioned? It is your mental frame work you have to work every day of your life in order to enjoy your daily work and all the tasks you will be required to do inside.

Yes, is your attitude that will determine the final satisfaction of the customer. Is your attitude that will negatively or positively affects the other people working together with you. Is your attitude only which will determine the end results of accomplishing the manager goal or commitment of production.

What are you going to do to keep it constantly? You must keep it on mind all the time. It will be necessary as the best tool in your hand. Everything you do have to be done with that “frame work of mind you started since you wake up this early morning.”

As soon you enter the door of the factory start putting it into effect. Come with a great smile. Say good morning to everybody. Give away your hand. Come quickly in direct contact and conversations with every one you already know. Let them feel your positive attitude on every day. Your attitude will spread exactly as when you throw a stone over standing water in a lake. It moves swiftly without end and have a great effect on the rest.

Attitudes are the established ways of responding to people and situations that we have learned, based on the beliefs and values and assumptions we hold. Attitudes become manifest through your behavior. Your attitude is composed of your self-talk. Attitudes drive behavior.

Your body language is a result of your mental attitude. By choosing your attitude you get in that mood and send out a message that everyone understands, consciously or unconsciously. Choose your attitude by choosing how you talk to yourself. “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude” said Zig Ziglar (American motivational Speaker and Author).

After considering these options, you are ready to create a plan! You can do this. You can achieve the success you are seeking. Take inventory of the 7 steps. Attendance. Safety. Quality. Flexibility. Learn quickly, keep good focus. Become a builder if you are asked to and, build your life with a great attitude.

It is your choice. And since you do have a choice, most of the time you'll be better off if you choose to react in a positive rather than a negative way.

You may ask me why I did not add it as number 1. In reality it is. But is also the number 7 because is the final result of the whole process you were involved since the beginning.

Your attitude is the most important aspect of these 7 steps.

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