Thursday, March 20, 2008

TEMP-to-PERM, Your Goal

Temporary Work Force: Maximizing Productivity

How You Get There

Getting a TEMP job is no that difficult. You only have to go over a company’s recruiter office. Fill some basic paper work. Then get into an information session – they talk to you unimportant facts – the reality, they don’t have the minimum idea of the job you are about to perform. Once finish, you go home and wait…an eternity?

Be Proactive…Keep Calling

You will be “loll” if you wait. There are too many applications that usually yours is forgotten. So, take your initiative a keep calling – 2, 3 or 10 times per day – until they get tired of you and your beautiful name remembered. After your persistence, then you are invited to a “training session” where you get the real facts of what it takes to work in the manufacturing place and the preliminary idea of the work you are to do.

“Then your phone call!” You’re set and ready to start. “Go to this address”… and into another preliminary “on-boarding” session. There you receive other instructions that they will make easy to control your physical presence on the floor on a daily basis.

The Training Session

Now, you are set. Nope…another info training session for about 1.5 to 2 hours with the trainer specialist to make you understand all the details. Here you get the real nuts and bolts of the characteristics of all job tasks you may perform once inside the manufacturing facility.

Here is where your concentration is important for you to perform intelligently and give up your best. Because if you go there to work, be realistic, if you come with a dream and receive a retribution for your tasks it is your responsibility to perform at your best. Give up yourself, be responsible. Show what you are made off!

Keep these 7 Steps to Succeed

After a clear explanation of all the tasks required to perform inside, I usually emphasized 3 to 5 times (repetition, repetition…to remember and fixation!) to all TEMPS what was required to succeed at your the job and extend your valuable lifetime within the company.

These are:
  1. Attendance
  2. Safety
  3. Quality
  4. Flexibility
  5. Learn quickly...keep your focus
  6. Become a builder
  7. Your attitude

TEMP-to-PERM, Your Goal

Despite all the information you are given to start on the floor those above are the ones who are going to make you succeed inside. Those are the manager’s expectation from you. If you pay attention to all of them and keep it within your brains on a daily basis your lifetime within the company’s job as a TEMP will prolong as long as you desire.

Moreover, if you come with a “dream in mind”, I mean, an established goal to become permanent in the job, be sure those are what you need to show up your best. Keep those in mind and will transform you from a TEMP to a PERM.

A Virus Inside

As usage of TEMP employers expands because employers seek to maximize their returns on labor dollars, maximizing the productivity of temporary employees is becoming even more important than ever. But within the manufacturing floor the PERM it doesn’t know or understand this. You are a virus there! So…

You must but be prepared for the negative ones. You are not likable by other PERM. Many permanent employees see you as disposable asset. You are painful to them. When you show up on their line, they are to train you and in the mean time you become effectively productive on your task, they loss productivity on theirs as well. And you must know that they also have an established goal to make on every day. If not accomplished a little finger is pointed to attention call...To them, not to you… for the moment.

Just keep learning every day to your best ability. Soon, you will pick up speed on your tasks, improve the quality of your task, start training others to learn more and then, in order for you to learn other stuff and become more and more productive within, they move you around to different places as theirs needs arise.

Remember...Keep those 7 Steps to Succeed!

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