Thursday, March 20, 2008

Temporary Employees Will Always Be Necessary

Temporary Work Force: Maximizing Productivity

Labor Shortage

Sometimes it is very difficult for manufacturing companies to get qualified labor force to accomplish production as demand increases and customers put more orders for products in the Internet.

Think about it, the more the customers sliding credit cards on companies's websites more TEMP jobs are available. Even though this is seasonal opportunities are always there and everywhere.
TEMP employees currently represent about 2% of the U.S. workforce.

Your task is learning which staffing companies within your city are set to provide jobs in the company you are interested to provide your services to. Given current and anticipated future labor shortages, it seems likely that usage of temporary employees will increase.

What you know or what you can do will give you an added benefit to find suitable positions with better reward. When you sign up, be sure to describe your best skills to the hiring agency in a way they could find the best spot for you.

A Fully Diversified Work Force

I learned about TEMPS that are professional engineers, teachers, preachers, doctors, etc. Very diversified labor force and consequent skills. Managers who must use your immediate abilities don't pay attention to your expertise. They don't have time to evaluate details. They just want to use your hand and a little percentage of your brain to accomplish one of the required activities within a production line to finish their product to satisfy customer demands.

Understand this! They have a great responsibility. To produce a great quality product to satisfy their customer's needs. If the customer receive a product in which you were part of adding just a little part and the part is missing within that box...Hell! A quality hit!

Guess what happen next...An unsatisfied customer complaint. A product returned back to the manufacturing floor and a shame to the manager. Lots of costs involved and one customer lost! One only?...Nop. This one usually tell his problem to 1 or 5 more. So, the company's reputation get a costly reward.

Concentration Is a Must

It is critical to be fully concentrated on every activity you do within the floor. Don't get too easy into conversations when the line slows down. Once speed comes again, if you forgot something you needed to do you will have what they call "quality hits." And they are recorded. They can be traced directly on time and position. Meaning...they can easily trace all details up to you, the TEMP.

What an embarracing situation when somebody comes to you with "your quality hit" and tells you about it. You feel really down! And thats always happen, even to permanent employees. Especially when you see pretty girls or guys working closer to you. It is normal to be attractive to anyone isn'it.

So, you get into conversations not nescessary to your personal goals and loss concentration on what you were hired to do. These things are not giving away on training sessions...I am giving it to you right now. Pay attention!

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